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Add or Edit Service Orders

1.   With a current contract set, select the Service tab.  The order edit pane ( A ) defaults to add mode for new orders.  To edit or cancel an existing order, click on it from the order list ( B ) first.

Note:  The details of a food and beverage order are entered or changed in the order edit pane ( A ) first, then transferred to the order list below ( B ) by pressing Update.  An order is not actually reflected in contracts or calculated totals until then.  Equipment orders are handled almost identically, only from the Resource tab instead.


2.   Select a Cost Center for the order from the drop-down list.  The adjacent Order field's drop-down list immediately fills with all existing menu items, grouped and sorted alphabetically as specified in the item's Search by field. 

3.   Since orders can only be selected from the drop-down list, not edited directly, click New from the toolbar to Add or Edit Menu Items.

4.   If portioning or minimum order quantities apply, Unit and Min. fields provide this information as reference.

5.   There are two options for setting an order's quantity:

  • By default, it is linked dynamically to the contract's expected or guaranteed Count from the Summary tab.
  • Or, it can be set to a static number in the Qty. field.

Note:  The guaranteed count, if entered, is always given priority over the expected count.

6.   Charge, GST, L/PST and Grat. are all loaded automatically.  However, you can make manual adjustments via their respective label buttons provided you have been issued override permission and a corresponding code by the R.S.V.P. administrator.

7.   Optionally, Serve and Clear times may be recorded by setting their date-time-picker checkbox first.  These times will appear both on printed contracts and Daily Chronology reports.

8.   Free-form comments may be added to the Serving Instructions/Options field.  Since menu item descriptions are copied here automatically, the quickest way to record any options is simply to delete the text for those you do not want.

9.   Click the Update toolbar button for any additions or changes to be reflected in the order list, printed contract, and calculated totals.


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