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Add or Edit Menu Items

1.   Click the New button from the Service tab toolbar, or select Menu from the Edit menu to display the Menu form.

2.   Click the New button from the Menu form toolbar to add an item.  Or to edit an existing order, double-click on it from the list which can also be filtered by cost center.

3.   The default Unit is 1, however some platters may be served in even dozens only for example.

4.   If applicable, particularly for buffet policies, the Min. Qty. appears for reference only in the Service tab's order edit pane.  It is not enforced by R.S.V.P. in the present version.

5.   Serves may be used for suggested portioning in custom reports or printed menus.

6.   ID is generated automatically as a unique identifier.

7.   While the Description field may be used independently as well, optional buffet or entree choices can be documented in conjunction with the Options checkbox.  As a reminder and for easy editing then, its contents are always copied to the Serving Instructions/Options field when adding orders from the Service tab.

8.   Un-checking Active prevents items from appearing in order drop-down lists but preserves them in the database for reference or subsequent reactivation.  

9.   The Search as field only determines how drop-down lists within the program are displayed and ordered.

10.  Select Save to preserve any additions or changes, Close to cancel them.


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