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Add or Edit Client

1.  Select Client from the Edit menu, or click the Client label-button in the top left of the Summary tab pane.

2.  The Edit Clients form defaults to add mode for new clients.  To edit existing client information instead, select it from the  list below first.

3.  The Corp and City fields are intended as client tracking and billing references respectively, which are external to R.S.V.P.  Internally, it generates the unique, identifying ID.

4.  Default Contact information can be copied directly to a client's new bookings.  The Courtesy (Ms., Mr. etc.), Firstname, Surname and Title are all appended together in the contract's Contact field.

5.  From the History panel, unchecking Active will prevent a client from appearing in the drop-down selection lists but still preserve it in the database for reference.  The Setup date and agent are automatically entered for new clients, while Type and Source are may be used to assist in your customer relationship management and marketing efforts.    

6.  To preserve any additions or changes, click the Save button before you Close to return to the main form. 


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