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Copy and Paste Contract Elements

1.  Copy the source contract containing the elements to be copied to the R.S.V.P. clipboard by either:

a)  Set the current contract to the desired source one (see Browse or Edit Contracts), then click the Copy button on the Venue tab toolbar.


b)  Click the Find button from the toolbar, lookup and select the desired source contract, and with its reference number displayed in the Ref. # field click on the Copy button.

2.  Depending whether you want to add elements to an existing contract or create a brand new one:

a)   Set the destination contract then click on the Paste button from the Venue toolbar.


b)  On the Venue tab, set the destination date, click on the New followed by the Paste toolbar buttons.

3.  Select those elements from the source contract you wish to copy and then click O.K.  Copying client information is not optional when creating a new contract.  Existing Setup Instructions can not be overwritten.


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