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Browse or Edit Contracts

1.   If you know the start date of the booking you wish to view, set it on the venue grid in the most convenient method:

  • The Calendar tab is the default view at start-up, but it may be accessed at any time from the lower pane of the main program window.  Click once on any date number or use the buttons in its upper corners to scroll to any 3-month period. The selected date is hi-lighted in grey; the present date in red.
  • The selected date and month abbreviation displayed in the Venue tab toolbar is a standard Windows drop-down date picker which can also be edited directly.  It provides the fastest way to scroll entire years at a time.
  • The Forward or Back buttons on either side of date display scroll one day at a time.

Otherwise, click the Find button from the toolbar.  If you know the contract reference number, enter it directly in in the Find form's Ref. # field and click on View.  To look it up, select the client name to filter on first, or just press the Find button to display all contracts and quotations.  Double-clicking on the desired row in the result list will set it as the current contract or quotation for viewing.  

2.   The Summary tab may be selected at any time to display contract information, and a single left mouse-click on any booking visible in the Venue tab grid will set it as the current contract for editing.

3.    A single right mouse-click, though, on any booking in the venue grid, will display a dialogue for changing the venue, start- and end-times for the current assignment only:

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