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How To

Just like its hard-copy counterpart, a contract in R.S.V.P. collectively documents key elements of an event:

  • Client and contact information
  • Deposit and guest count information
  • Setup preferences and special instructions 
  • Food and beverage Service orders
  • Resource orders for equipment and banquet room rentals
  • Venue assignments, a special type of named or numbered resource with scheduling support.

Note:  As one component of a contract then, an assignment is represented graphically on the Venue grid as a blocking or intersection of a specific venue (row) and any number of half-hour time periods (columns).  So while a contract may contain many or no assignments, an assignment is always associated with only one specific contract.  And accordingly, all of a contract's venue assignments share the same status.  (The term booking refers collectively to an assignment and any contract details associated with it.)

Quotations are essentially less comprehensive contracts with no associated venue assignments.  They provide a convenient means for generating accurate proposals instantly when dates are uncertain.  They also include a Call-back feature automatically prompting follow-ups.

The current contract or quotation refers to the one displayed in the Summary, tab pane and ready to accept any changes or additions.  It can be set with a left mouse-click on any of its assignments in the Venue grid, or, by entering its Ref.# in the Find form and clicking View.

The current assignment is also set by left-clicking on the venue grid and appears underlined.  It can then be edited with a right mouse-click, cancelled or copied via the toolbar.

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